Every decision we make is focused solely on one thing…. achieving industry leading financial results for our clients. That is why we’re the largest and fastest growing revenue cycle company in the industry.


Our clients are typically bold, ambitious leaders within the ASC market. They share our passion for results and are prepared to act decisively to achieve them. Read below to see what our clients think about us and our performance. And we highly encourage you to speak with them so that you can hear it first hand.

The National Medical Team provides us with powerful insights into our business

Chief Operating Officer
Portland, OR

“National Medical consistently exceeds our expectations by going above and beyond every day. Their team is proactive, highly attentive and smart. To top it off, their detailed analytics team provides us with powerful insights into our business, allowing us to make informed decisions. In short, they are the perfect partner for all of our revenue cycle needs.”

Revenue Cycle Expertise Led to 51 Percent Increase in Cash Per Case

President, ASC Management Company
Atlanta, Georgia

“National Medical’s dedication to and focus on maximizing revenue is evident in our facilities’ cash per case. Their combination of exceptional customer service, highly knowledgeable staff and deep industry expertise has made National Medical our “go to” company for billing and coding. Most importantly, they increased our cash per case from $1,045 to $1,575, a 51 percent increase.”

ASC Coding Expertise Identified and Captured Lost Revenue

Medical Director
Cleveland, Ohio

“National Medical’s coding audit identified that our previous billing partner was coding and billing our ASC claims improperly. We were actually losing money on some cases because costly implant charges were not being coded and billed correctly. National Medical was able to go back and capture significant lost revenue. Their specialized, ASC expert coders have maximized our revenue and compliance.”

ASC Managed Care Expertise Led to 305% Increase in Contract Rates

ASC Administrator
Baltimore, Maryland

“National Medical’s expertise in the ASC market revealed that our contracts were reimbursing less than Medicare and in some cases only 38% of Medicare. Due to their expertise and experience, they were able to renegotiate better contracts and increase our contract reimbursement by 305%. We’re now able to bring additional cases to our center.”

National Medical’s Billing and Coding are Highly Superior to In-house Resources

ASC Administrator
Shreveport, Louisiana

“We were handling our billing and coding in-house and thought that things were fine. Upon reviewing the results, we were stunned to find out how much revenue we lost due to the fact that we were  improperly billing and coding expensive implant charges. National Medical increased our cash per case increased by over $400. We will never again bring the billing back in-house.”

National Medical Increased Cash Per Case by $600

Owner and CEO, Surgery Center
Bakersfield, California

“Before we hired National Medical, we were handling billing in house and were averaging $811 for each surgery. In our very first year with National Medical, with the same number of cases, we have increased our cash per case to $1,400, representing an increase of approximately $600 per case, or 73%, all of which is pure profit for us. That means an additional $90,000/month to us on the same number of cases.”

National Medical Billing, Our Secret Weapon

Director of Nursing
Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA

“They are us and we are them.  National’s approach since being with us has been as a partner or better yet a family who cares about our success and does everything in its power to assist us in being successful.”

Let National Medical Billing Services help your ASC Compliantly Maximize Revenue and Cash Flow.

We are singularly focused on delivering the best results, providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with ambulatory surgery centers based on trust, performance and integrity.